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Statistics South Africa

The Agency amongst its several mandates is required to monitor and evaluate the extent to which the goals of universal access and universal service have been achieved. In meeting this mandate the Agency is in the process of developing ICT indicators that will be used to collect statistics on access, usage and impact.

The Agency has therefore signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Statistics South Africa in the quest of developing measurable ICT indicators as well as collection of national and internationally data. The collaboration enables USAASA to collect information that will be included in the Compendium of National Development Indicators which is used by government to measure its service delivery performance in the country.

Other benefits of the MoU include the following:

  • Utilisation of the collected data for benchmarking purposes against other jurisdictions based on Statistics SA’s Global Standards Methods;
  • Contribute to production of ICT Sector impact report on socio-economic development;
  • Provide report on strides taken by the country towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals and World Summit on Information Society Goals in 2015.